Therapy, Assessment, Parent Coaching and Healing

Dr. Griesemer, Licensed Psychologist

Adult Therapy

My adult clients come to me feeling panic and anxiety.  They have a hard time managing what they used to be able to do.  It may feel like they don’t know who they are or what they want or where to go.  Some of them have always been anxious but in the past have managed it.  Some of them have suddenly been having panic attacks that leave them feeling like they are dying.

I watch my clients move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling calm, connected, and energized.  It may not seem possible to you right now, but I have seen it happen time and time again to people just like you.  I would love to help you get there.

If this sounds familiar, please give me a call or drop me an email.  You can reach me at my cell at the top of the page, or email me.

Child Therapy and Parenting

Being a parent rocked my world.  Nothing prepared me for it, and nothing has changed me so drastically.  I work with parents who need help figuring out the nebulous job of raising a child.   If you are looking for help for your family with child behavior problems, ADHD, learning disabilities, anger or outbursts, therapy might be what you need to help make things feel manageable again.

Counseling Work

Therapy isn’t one size fits all.  I have no recipe book.  I use my broad training and experience to find what works for you.  When I work with families or individuals, we work as a team to customize your counseling sessions to help you achieve your goals.

As a licensed psychologist, I provide adult individual, family, and child therapy out of my office here in Austin, TX.  I draw on my skills and training as a certified yoga teacher and practitioner of mindfulness meditation when clients are interested in integrating these approaches in therapy.

Therapy is nurturing but it is also work. Therapy is a place you can feel cared for and supported, but it also requires and investment of time and energy. My experience with yoga and meditation will help you to learn new ways to cope with overwhelming emotions. My insight-oriented approach to therapy will assist you in better understanding the underlying reasons for your problems so you can make lasting changes. When working with children I use play therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help them make meaning of their struggles and learn new ways of coping.  My parenting work is highly supportive, but I am also focused on understanding patterns in the family that we need to change to create a happier home.