Parent Coaching

I have a strong belief that the best child therapy is supported by ongoing support at home.  Being on the front lines at home is no easy task.  My job is to teach you skills and help you understand your child in a new way so that you won’t need me anymore.


I provide supervision for Licensed Psychological Associates as well as Post-Doctoral Residents in psychology.


I provide individual therapy services for adults and adolescents, as well as play and cognitive-behavioral therapy for children. Therapy is a very vague word and how every counselor approaches therapy is drastically different.  Therapy is well suited for people suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, difficulties related to ADHD or learning disabilities, and so on.  Check out my about me page to get a better sense of who I am.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing helps you better understand yourself, your family, or your child. Common reasons to seek an assessment include testing for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, sometimes called ADD), learning disabilities, dyslexia, depression and anxiety. Psychologists do psychological testing to help people answer a variety of questions. Some examples are:

  • Do I have ADHD?
  • Am I depressed?
  • Does my child have a reading disability?
  • Why can’t my child focus in class?

Testing is also great to do before starting therapy. It can help you better understand yourself and the areas you want to focus on during therapy. It’s a short-term way to find understanding and meaning. Testing helps individuals come up with a plan for how to improve whatever it is that they are struggling with.

Having worked in the schools and having been trained as a School Psychologist means that I know what you need to get yourself or your child school accommodations. My report will be tailored to making the recommendations that you will need to help your child succeed academically.

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Business Coaching

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